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Tarp CT01 完成。






「Tarp CT01」が完成いたしました。


Hi, there! I think that spring will come around a corner and you feel like camping. Well, it’s time to introduce our new product, Tarp CT01 which is made of 100% cotton.




以前よりユーザー様から「 たき火近くで使えるタープが欲しいです 」とお話を伺う事が多々ありまして、より多彩なキャンプスタイルにマッチするタープ、sunsetclimaxらしく、シンプルかつエレガントなタープをつくって見たいっ!という想いで開発を進めて参りました。


I have received a couple of comment from some of sunsetclimax owners that they want a tarp which is possible to use near a fire pit. So we have developing a new tarp which can meet our brand concept, such as simple and elegant.







大戦時のイギリスでパイロットの軍服用として開発された生地を”Made in Japan”の技術で実現した、透湿性と撥水性を両立させたコットン100%の超高密度織物です。生地自体が雨を吸い、膨張することによって防水機能を発揮。加水分解せず、ビンテージジーンズのように経年変化を楽しみながら、末永くご利用いただけます。生地感はとってもスムーズで、私、大好きです!。


Let me tell you a story of fabric of CT01 at first.

We have selected and choose a super-high density 100% cotton fabric for it.

This fabric which was developed for pilots’ immersion suits in England is reproduced by Japanese technology. The super-high density 100% cotton fabric which has great moisture permeability and waterproof property. The fabric becomes waterproof by absorbing and swelling with rain. You can enjoy its aging without hydrolysis like vintage jeans. I love it!




I want to mention that our white fabric of Tarp01 is also better against hydrolysis than PU fabric as well.






特に雨漏れの可能性が高い生地のジョイント部分には、トラック幌や建築用オーニングで使われるUVカット性・撥水性・耐候性に優れた加工糸を採用し、タープに合う径の糸を専用に制作。より性能を高めました。この糸も”Made in Japan”です。


Next, sewing thread which I choose.

I carefully selected the sewing thread for CT01 and adapted a finished yarn which is normally used for a Truck hood or an outside awning at construction site. It has a high performance of UV protection, water-repellent and weatherability. In addition, I adjusted a diameter of thread to meet for the fabric. It should make better performance as tarp. It is made in Japan.







As you know well, outline’s tape of tarp is made by Motohashi tape co.,ltd. in Shizuoka which is very famous in outdoor industry. It is fantastic!




I tried so hard to make my favorite Burgundy for it. All of material for CT01 is dyed with original custom color Burgundy which I can satisfy. I think you also satisfy a gorgeous color at camping site.




Shielding rate of the ultraviolet rays is 99.99%. It is almost 100%.


張り姿も、sunsetclimax らしい美しいシルエット。こだわっています!


When you pitch CT01 at site, you will see the beautiful shape of tarp. Perfect!






The attachments, such as Guy rope and original SUS tensioner are best selection as well as current sunset climax original tarp series.






I love and recommend this original top load duffle bag this time.

I design the size of bag is big enough so that you can roughly folded the tarp and then install into the bag easily.





Tarp 01などの白く美しいタープシリーズは、扱いにかなり気を使う方も多かったのではないでしょうか。近くでのたき火などのスス汚れ、そのほかの汚れなど。

( でもあの白いタープの美しさ、タープ下での気持ちよさ、夜の美しさはいいですよね〜。)


I think it is hard to keep a white tarp like a Tarp 01 if you use it near a bonfire because of ashes from it.

(However, I still recommend the white tarp because of such a beautiful circumstance at night time)










I would suggest that you should choose your tarp as you like. It depends on your favorite style. For example, you can enjoy camping with a white tarp to feel a gentle wind today. You can have a fun of bonfire with CT01 another day. Please choose your tarp to meet your feeling as you like.




尚、巷では「たき火タープ」という事で話される方も多いのですが、Tarp CT01は、あくまでも化繊素材に比べ、火の粉に強いとされているコットン素材でして、「 難燃、防炎素材ではありません 」ので、ご理解の上ご購入、ご使用ください。


By the way, someone call CT01 Takibi tarp but it is not. Compared with Synthetic fabrics, it is not easy to get a fire though. Please remember it is just 100% cotton fabric which doesn’t catch a fire easily and it is not fire proof or flame retardant fabric.




In addition, compared with Tarp01 or else which you may have, you might feel darker under the tarp during night time. I would suggest that you can prepare more lanterns or a light. Or, you enjoy natural dark atmosphere during camping. Find your style with CT01.






We will start pre-order lottery for CT01 from today. It shall be closed when it runs over. Please check it out at sunsetclimax online shop. We are looking forward to your participation in the lottery. Thank you!