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sunsetclimax オリジナルテント Cell01 完成。( 前編 – デザイン編)

すでにSNSや、イベント等でお披露目させていただいております、sunsetclimax オリジナルテント Cell01 が、いよいよ予約受付を開始いたします。





Hi, there! We are very happy to announce that Cell 01 as our original design brand new tent is going to accept pre-order very soon! Please check the tent specification and details at website and sunsetclimax online shop. We are going to start the delivery after we received pre-order from you. We think the lead time from your pre-order to the shipment should be around 45 – 60 days for the first batch.








It was so long time…about 5 – 6 years since we decided to make our original tent. We studied and considered about 1 pole tent, 2 poles tent and dome type and so on. We had tried so many types of tent. We made many models and prototypes though, we did not find the best tent which could satisfied ourselves. But, we kept trying to find beauty and utility of tent. Finally, we reached to Cell 01 design image.



■ イメージが浮かんだ時に制作した3D イメージ






When we were studying about the design of our original tent, it must have comfort inside. It has to be easy to pitch it with minimum poles. Then, totally it must be beautiful shape.

We are always pursuing the design of beautiful shape for gears. Our ideal design is like a natural shape such as a plant. If tent does not have fabric wrinkle after pitch up, it must be so beautiful.






We can say for sunsetclimax original tarps, we feel that a beautiful shape makes sense from a functional point of view, for example, it is able to ride of the wind. .







The overall shape is high in the center and narrow at the front and rear entrances.

The center of the room is approximately 1.8m high, allowing users to stand ( depending on their height) secure a space that does not feel oppressive.

The inside space is suitable for 2 cots. If you are solo camper, it is quite comfortable to use it. If you want to use camping mat without cot, family like 2 adults and  1 or 2 kids should be ok.







The narrow shape of the entrance makes it difficult to see inside from the outside so that it maintains privacy. And when looking at the scenery outside from inside, it is able to capture the scenery beautifully.

In order to realize these functions, it requires 3 poles at least.

The pole is made of A7075 material, also called extra super duralumin, which is also used in aircraft, satellites, rockets, etc.

We adopts one of the strongest materials among aluminum alloys. It bends flexibly, creating a beautiful and strong form.






In addition, the lower part of a pole sleeve through poles, near the part of the forked pole has the ventilator. I was worried about where to install a ventilator without sacrificing the beauty of the tent, but I decided to split the frame into two parts to increase the stability of the frame structure itself, and also match the shape of the curtain to provide a ventilator window. It made a triangular space was created. We think it achieved this is sunsetclimax design.






We finally created this Ce11 01 unique design and shape as sunsetclimax original tent.





( 耐水圧2,000mm(JIS L 1092 A )、撥水等級3級、UV遮蔽率88%(UPF45+))


Regarding the tent fabric, it is adapted a 70-denier rip-stop nylon jointly developed by Toray Cortex Co., Ltd., Masuda Co., Ltd., Mirai Techno Co., Ltd., and Sunsetclimax specially for Cell 01.

The surface is treated with silicone water repellent and the back side is coated with highly durable urethane, which is a different idea from conventional tent fabrics. It is a new material that is resistant to hydrolysis and has excellent durability.

(Water pressure resistance 2,000mm (JIS L 1092 A), water repellency class 3, UV shielding rate 88% (UPF45+))


カラーは、sunsetclimax Tarpと同色に染められたフィールドで映えるエレガントなオフホワイトに。



The color is an elegant off-white that stands out against the field. It is the same color as sunsetclimax Tarp. So, inside of Cell 01 is bright and refreshing. At night, the tent itself may look like a lighting fixture.




フォルムについて、何人かのお客様よりsakura cupを横にして半分に割った様に見えるので、意識されたのか?と聞かれる事があります。確かに似てますよね。。


sakura cupの方は、木の木目が最大限美しく表現出来る形状、かつ、手になじみ易く美しい形を追求した結果、現在の形に結果としてなっているのですが、自身の目指す機能美を追求していくと、どうしても形状が似てくる感がありまして、結果として似た雰囲気の形状になっております。。。デザイナーが同じなので、まあしかたがないですかね(笑)


About the shape, some customers commented that it looked like the side shot of Sakura Cup and split in half. Indeed. It certainly looks similar. .

The design of Cell01 arrived at this shape as a result of pursuing functionality and beauty. For the Sakura cup, we pursued a shape that could express the grain of the wood as beautifully as possible, as well as a beautiful shape that would fit easily in the hand. But we pursued the functional beauty that we were aiming for. As I continued to do so, I felt that the shapes started to become similar, and as a result, the shapes had a similar atmosphere. . . The same designer did the both. That’s why the both looks similar, we guess. lol









We will explain about the entrance structure.

The both of entrance has a double structure. The inside is full mesh (single zip), and the outside is made of the same fabric as of the tent itself (double zip). For example, it can be used in a variety of ways, such as opening the outside a little and closing the mesh inside to ventilate and stay comfortable inside. You can also roll it up neatly and attach the included toggle to the tent itself.Each item can be attached and detached, so when you remove it, there is a pocket under the ventilator of the tent body, so you can store it there.










Footprint is included as well.

It is removable. So you can choose with or without a footprint to suit your style. Furthermore, we prepare a dirt floor space where you can take off your shoes. This was very well received by those who experienced the prototype!

You can also use the footprint as a guide for positioning when setting up a tent, or by laying it down before setting up to reduce dirt during setting up. →In that case, remove the last footprint and lay it again.






We prepare very rich accessories with Cell 01.


ガイロープは、Tarpでもお世話になっております、本橋テープ様の「TOUGHCORD 」をCell01特注仕様に。



The guy rope is “TOUGHCORD” manufactured by Motohashi Tape, which is familiar to sunsetclimax original Tarp. It is custom made for Cell01. A cool finish with black accents on a dark gray base. Furthermore, reflective thread is woven into the fabric to improve visibility at night.




そして、sunsetclimax Tarpの為に開発した、そして唯一無二のSUS304材を使用したオリジナルスライダー、圧倒的存在感のあるPeg 300sに加え、Cell01の為に新たに開発した専用ペグをご用意しました。



The original slider developed for the sunsetclimax Tarp, which is made of SUS304. And we prepare Peg 300s, which has an atmosphere of great presence. Furthermore, we also have a special peg newly developed for Cell01. Those metal accessories are manufactured by a Japanese factory that we trust completely.






We prepare cases for the tent frame, footprint, and pegs.


テント全体を収納するケースにも拘りました。素材感は、sunsetclimax Tarpと揃えています。

We also paid special attention to the case that stores the entire tent. The material texture is the same as sunsetclimax Tarp.







The total weight including all of accessories is approximately 10kg. . It’s quite heavy. .

Metal accessories like pegs are made of stainless steel so that it earns some weight.