Dear Overseas customers,


Thank you for inquiries for Kermit Chair×sunsetclimax custom chair fabric. Unfortunately, our online shop is not able to accept payment by credit card which is issued except Japan so that you may not order our items thru the online shop at the moment.

Therefore, we will prepare some Kermit Chairs, especially for overseas customers only. If you would like to purchase Kermit Chair, please e-mail us directly at shop@sunsetclimax.com including the following your personal information,

Quantity of chair which you want to purchase:
※ International shipping (EMS) is charged JPY5,000 per a chair

We will send Paypal invoice to your e-mail account by return. You can pay by your Paypal account or your own credit card. We will ship your purchasing items to you by EMS as soon as your payment is confirmed. Please note that quantities are limited. It will be closed without further announcement when it is sold out.

If you need more information about it, please contact at shop@sunsetclimax.com without any hesitation.

Thank you.

※日本国内のお客様は次回再販まで今しばらくお待ちくださいませ (近日発売予定)